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15 August 2008 @ 12:34 am
All questions for the mods can be posted as comments here.  All questions will be answered as soon as possible.  Feel free to post your opinions, suggestions, etc here also!  We'd love to read them :)  Post all questions you have - no matter how minscule, tricky, annoying, repetive or even personal you may think it is!  We'll be happy to answer them.
15 August 2008 @ 12:32 am
I am looking for two moderators to help run the community.  You can apply in the comments.  All applications are screened.

<b>How often are you typically online?:</b>
<b>Can you be active?:</b>
<b>Why do you want to be a mod?:</b>
<b>Anything else?:</b>

Deadline TBA.
15 August 2008 @ 12:29 am
Interested in being an affiliate?  Comment here.
14 August 2008 @ 11:51 pm
Welcome to Twilight Source - your newest LJ community for everything on Twilight, and its stars.  The rules are as follows.

1. All posts must be related to Twilight, or the cast members.  The same is applied to comments.  All posts and comments that are not Twilight related are subject to being deleted.  Requests and posts along the lines of "Help, I'm looking for . . ." will also be deleted.  There will be weekly posts for these requests, and they can all be posted in there!  As for images of cast members, please keep them Twilight-related.
2. No unruly bashing of the book.  Please have some respect for Stephenie Meyer and her works.  You are entitled to your opinion, just please word it in a way that will not come off as offensive.  You know if what you're saying is over the top, and those posts/comments will be deleted.
3. Do not create individual posts for your sole opinion.  Keep it in the comments!  This especially pertains lately to Breaking Dawn.  Example being, in other communities, there are lots of people posting about their opinion of the book.  Again, there will be a post for this, and just keep it in the comments!  The purpose of the community is news on Twilight, not for everyone's individual posts of opinion.  Don't be discouraged from posting your opinions on the book, just do it in the appropriate space.
4. Respect others opinions.  You've heard what this means since first grade.  Don't bash other members, Stephenie Meyer or any cast members.  None of this will be tolerated.
5. Tag your entries appropriately.  Example:  Your entry is about Kristen Stewart and new Twilight-related images of her.  The tags would be movie: pics, cast: kristen stewart.  Check existing tags for more examples!
6. Before posting, check tags and existing entries!  Make sure the news/images/etc you're posting have not been posted before.
7. Any potential spoilers MUST be placed under a cut.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.  The cut must be CLEARLY labeled as spoilers.
8. Please, no icon/fanfiction/fanmix posts.  We love your icons/fanfiction/fanmixes, but the primary focus of the community is Twilight news!
9. Keep your fonts and sizes standard.  In other words, don't change your font size or face!
10. Make sure the posts you link to are not locked!  Also, please don't disable comments to your entries.
11. Please ask for promotion appropriately.  The primary focus of the community, again, is news!  Every Monday, there will be a promotion post.  Please fill out the form appropriately here, and you will be on the post!  You can also request to be included in our resources post.
12. If any mods feel you are acting inappropriately and breaking any one of these rules, you are subject to being banned.  Posts can be rejected.  If you have any questions for the mods, go on over here and ask!